California’s Living New Deal Project

An unprecedented and growing collaborative effort to identify, map, and interpret the vast public works legacy of President Franklin Delano Roosevelt's New Deal in California, as well as to demonstrate how other states and municipalities can do the same.

Another New Deal May Offer Arts a Needed Boost

Spark, in a joint report with PBS-TVs’ The NewsHour, looks at the impact of the economic recession on artists such as muralist Sirron Norris and writer Carla Blank and discusses whether a public arts program similar to the Federal Art Project (FAP) of the 1930s is a viable way to help artists who are feeling the financial pinch.

National New Deal Preservation Association

Rediscovering and preserving the legacy of the New Deal.

UC Berkeley Geography Department

The academic home of Gray Brechin.

University of California Press

Order books by Gray Brechin and many other worthies.

Time of Useful Consciousness Radio

Recorded interviews including one with Gray Brechin.

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